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To whom it may concern

Reference: JM Removals


It gives me great pleasure to speak about my company’s association with JM Removals

Kawai is a leading Japanese Piano Manufacturing company with our Australian Head Office and distribution warehouse in Chatswood, Sydney.

We need to ship our pianos around the country. As you can appreciate, pianos need to be shipped in a specialised manner, with a lot of attention to care, both in packing and transportation and installation at the destination

Jim McCorry knows exactly what needs to be done and what is required in transporting our pianos. We have never had any damage or negative feedback from our customers when JM Removals transports our pianos

We have be associated with JM Removals for a number of years and I have no hesitation in recommending JM Removals to anyone looking for a reliable, professional carrying service

I’m happy to take calls to support this reference


John Blanch
General Manager
Australia, New Zealand

ABN 96 002 270 199
Unit 1, 29-31 Gibbes Street
Chatswood NSW 2067
Phone 02 9882 2000
Fax 02 9882 2022