Piano Moving & Storage Melbourne

Piano Moving In Melbourne

The piano is a wonderful but delicate instrument, when to choose JM & Sons Piano Removals you are choosing a family owned and family run business with genuine piano moving skills that take years to accumulate and refine plus you are choosing a business that uses all the right equipment to not only safeguard your piano but your property including wooden and tiled floors plus all other surfaces that metal piano wheels could ruin, using the wrong piano removalist that does not have this accumulated experience may lead to a bad experience.

Even though we are insured choosing us to move you piano is your best insurance money can buy.

Piano Storage


Not only do we provide a premium piano moving service, we also offer quality temporary or long-term piano storage at our modern storage facilities. Some of our safe guards we supply are back to base alarm monitoring, collection of serial number and photo records, specialise packaging and piano boxes for your piano this keeps your piano free from vermin, dust and extreme whether conditions. Our storage facility has another added bonus it is run by family members and we can assure you that your piano is safe in or care. For more information visit our Services page.


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