Moving Piano Quote for Interstate

So many Interstate removalists don’t have the training, equipment or experience to properly move a piano. They instead opt to work with what they have rather than what they need and come unstuck quiet often, leaving customer at the last minute looking for a good Interstate piano mover. An upright piano can weigh 200 – 400 kg and grand pianos can be 300 – 600kg, this makes moving them a very specialized service.

interstate removalists

Their values is often quite high and that’s not taking into account the sentimental value of a  piano that has come down through the family, which is why JM & Sons Piano Removals are so often called in to move a piano. While people recognize the importance of hiring professional piano movers  it’s important to first keep in mind   that these movers are highly experienced and insured. No one wants to loose his or her investment in a valuable musical instrument. As a result our quote will provide you with assurance and peace of mind.

JM & Sons Piano Removals can offer a very competitive quote. Our family owned business  can save people a great deal of money without sacrificing quality. That makes us the ideal option for those who value their pianos